Feb 15, 2010

Iowa Songs

I know, I know I should have been doing this all along for each state. But it's tiring... all this driving. Besides that's what the 1200 songs tab at the top is for. Sort of. Or at least it will be. When it's done.

The Dry Cleaner from Des Moines - Joni Mitchell
It Sure Can Get Cold In Des Moines - Tom T Hall
Des Moines - The Drams
DMI Trap - DMB (Des Moines Boyz) (Not easy keeping it real in Des Moines)
Iowa City - Eleni Mandell (Lovely stuff)
Iowa City Adieu - The Autumn Defense
Keokuk - Ferrell Stowe
Leland, Iowa - Kevin Costner & Modern West
Sioux City Sue - Gene Autry
Spillville, Iowa - Tim Neumark
Iowa - Dar Williams
Iowa - Slipknot
Iowa Indian Song - Bing Crosby


Map Ref 41°N 93°W - Wire (The Snow Queen stopped me seeing this landmark.)

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