Feb 9, 2010

Ohio Songs

I'm sure there are many more songs about places in Ohio and I wish I had the time and the wherewith all to make a definitive list. But it's a Sisyphean task. Especially in this day and age. Nine times out of ten when you throw a town name into itunes it'll find a song about the place. I just checked and there is a song called Life in Girard by a band called The Kissing Party. But I can't be sure if it's about Girard, Ohio. When punk rock enabled folks to make music and release it on an indie label that was a good thing. Paradoxically the digital age allows many, many more people to make and release their music through the Internet. That is a bad thing because far too much crappy music gets out there. Anyway while we're deciding to go today to escape the coming storm here's list of songs about Ohio.

Akron - Bob Neuwirth
Downtown (Akron) - The Pretenders
My City Was Gone - The Pretenders
Cincinnati Lou - Merle Travis
Cincinnati, Ohio - Connie Smith
Lights of Cincinnati - Scott Walker
South of Cincinnati - Dwight Yoakam
Susie Cincinnati - The Beach Boys
The Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati - Possum
WKRP in Cincinnati - Steve carlise
Cleveland Rocks - Ian Hunter
Hello Cleveland - Mono
If You Believe In Cleveland - The Young Fresh Fellows
Look Out Cleveland - The Band
Columbus, Ohio - Jeffrey Lewis
Cuyahoga - REM
Dayton Ohio 19 Something and 5 - Guide By Voices
Fort Recovery - Centro-matic
Hamilton County Breakdown - Robbie Fulks
Ohio - Neil Young
Sandusky - Uncle Tupelo
Youngstown - Bruce Springsteen
All the Lilacs in Ohio - John Hiatt
Miss Ohio - Gillian Welch
Ohio - Lambchop
Ohio River Boat Song - Bonnie Prince Billy

(I wish there was a way to use the tab key to space things out in a blogger post.)

Addendum: Life In Girard is about that wonderful little Ohio city. So I PASS! hurrah.
Listen to song here.


  1. Tis indeed reffering Girard, Ohio - Love Kissing Party

  2. Thats good to know. Where can I get an MP3 of that song to share with both my blog followers?